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Time to your business

It takes about a year for most people to really start transforming their business around their lifestyle, jobs, kids, family.

With a coach as your guide, you can avoid costly distractions and focus on strategies that have proven to provide results. In many ways, your coach will begin to see your business as "their business" and will treat your opportunities for success with drive and enthusiasm.

Sometimes it helps to have others around you as you are growing your business in a group to mastermind with. People asking questions you may not have thought of. 

A place for you to ask questions and grow.

A place to be encouraged and challenged to keep going when you are having a bad day in your business.

Along with accountability and goals to work on to hit. 

Some coaching programs as you are growing your business are too expensive to invest in the beginning. 

Over the next few months, I am going to work with you so that you too can win. 

Coaching is an investment in your business and in yourself, not an expense.

If you are ready to move forward in your business this is for you

  • Twice a month join Angela on a Zoom Live training ($4997 value)
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook group (priceless)
  • Access to all Angela's guest trainers and Interviews ($997 value)
  • How to implement attraction marketing into your business ($997 value)
  • ‪Text and Audio Access to Angela when you need feedback or to brainstorm. ($4997 value)
  • To know and find your ideal paying clients ($997 value)
  • To create a social media system and following that converts consistently while having fun ($997 value)
  • Building a personal brand online by blogging and using social media effectively ($997 value)
  • Weekly accountability every Friday ($997.00 review value)
  • How to shift your thinking in your business ($997 value)

This is for you if ...

  • If you want to find your ideal customers 
  • If you want to clearly define your message
  • If you want to create a social media system that doesn't scream spam.
  • If you want to convert followers into customers
  • If you want to learn to have fun in your business while creating results with paying customers
  • If you are looking for community support as you learn and grow your business.
  • Last but not least if you are an ACTION TAKER. This will not work for observers

During our weekly webinars, Angela does more than just teach. She provides case studies, demonstrations, and examples of people executing the strategies you are leaning in the coaching sessions


BONUS TRAINING: 12 Hours Freedom Academy Course 
BONUS ACCESS: Access to the training library PLUS access to all training in the future as long as you are a client.

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Earn While You Learn

Whether you're an experienced network marketer who wants better results or a novice who's been wondering, "How can I become a top earner?" the results-driven path can help you get where you want to go.

With Angela's experiences to guide you while you focus on the strategies she teaches, this path is much more than a static education. It's an experience in real-world, network marketing that allows you to earn while you learn.

12 payments of $247.00

$247 a Month

(Total $2,964.00 yearly)

  • 12 months of Training with Angela

  • Text and Audio Access 

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Twice a month join Angela on a zoom/live training

  • Every single Friday accountability to celebrate your wins.

  • Access to all Angela's guest training and interviews.

  • Personal Weekly Accountability every single Friday from Angela. 

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Check out what others say about working with Angela Brooks and the products and services she offers

Stephanie Oden

Angela let me say this! Your mentoring pushes me all the time! Makes me uncomfortable and then I do my best to figure out how I can implement.

Thanks for the mentoring in the Masterclass: Commit to Growth

Nikki Zanchi

I was already in business when I found Angela but I really enjoyed your training. I was on the verge of throwing in the towel when I came across your training which I really related too and understood how it worked. I was rock bottom now I have a desire to make this work.

Angela Brooks 

Built a big business part-time on her lunch break blogging and using Facebook & LinkedIn connections until she was able to retire from 30 yrs of nursing to work from home.

She started this journey with two small boys and one hour a day to build a dream. She didn't build a business to save the world but to save herself from a stressful job and a future that had no change in sight. She knew she could not quit her job so she built something that allowed her to retire at age 48.

She a diamond rising and always polishing the tool to get her to the next level. Now she can show you the tools she used to move her business forward.

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